The Clean Eating Diets: The Similarities

Where Clean Eating Principles Overlap From Diet to Diet

Now that the basics of each type of clean eating diet have been looked into, let’s take a look at what the integral similarities between them are, and what attracts us towards them in the first place.

1. Greater Weight Loss: Clean eating diets emphasize on eating natural foods and avoiding processed foods that cause increased weight gain. All clean eating diets have shown a higher propensity for faster and sustainable weight loss as compared to other types of diets.

2. Reduction of Carbs: All clean eating diets work when carbs, especially processed ones, are taken off the list. This is because carbohydrates, when broken down, lead to production of glucose thus causing blood sugar levels to hike up. Insulin spikes, thus leading to more hunger pangs.

3. More of Natural Foods: Processed foods such as pasta, sugars, bread and cereals tend to have higher counts of net carbs, which lead to faster digestion and blood sugar spikes, thus leading to increased levels of insulin, and greater hunger pangs in a shorter time. The more you eat, the more you want to eat. And this cycle spirals out of control. Soon, you’re looking down at your bathroom scale and you’re twenty pounds heavier! This is why you need to get into natural foods and clean eating!

4. Increased Energy Levels: Clean eating diets help you gain higher and sustained energy levels since the digestion is occurring at a slower pace and giving off greater energy. With clean eating, you won’t feel lethargic and will instead have more energy to dedicate to your work, your kids and your hobbies!

5. Healthy Outlook: Clean eating diets cut out the artificial ingredients, sugars, trans fats, saturated fats, preservatives and ‘chemically charged foods’ leaving you feeling healthier and more confident of yourself and your body than you’ve ever felt in your entire life!

The Science behind Low Carb Diets

Clean eating diets emphasize on low carbs and are all the rage today, and if you understand how they work, there’s no doubt you’ll find yourself leaving all your other diet endeavours behind and embracing clean eating! The Paleo Diet, the Atkins Diet, the Protein Power Diet, the Ketogenic Diet: They all have one major rule, and that is to slash down on eating of carbohydrates and up the intake of proteins and natural fats.


Here’s the thing: when you eat primal foods, you stimulate natural health. So if your diet consists entirely of primal foods, you come close to having a body that is entirely healthy entirely naturally. Here’s how: Primal foods are foods that belong in nature: meat, fish, poultry, berries, eggs, nuts, veggies and seeds. These foods, when taken in, lead to longer periods of digestion (ketosis) and instead of the production of glucose for energy, lead to the production of ketones and fatty acids for energy.

When glucose levels are high in the bloodstream, then the levels of insulin to convert the glucose also rise. High levels of insulin in the blood leads to greater fat storage and thus weight gain. On the other hand, low carb diets ensure that blood glucose levels are always low, thus decreasing the release of insulin into the bloodstream, and using up the fat stored in to body leading to fat loss. This explains why your body sheds all excess weight and gets rid of all impurities if only it is fed the foods that it was designed for!

How You Can Achieve the Body You’ve Always Wanted by Following a Clean Eating Diet

Have you ever thought of the time you really needed to fit into that little black dress or that sharp suit for your office presentation and couldn’t? No matter how hard you tried, there was no way you were going to fit into that outfit. If you’re someone who has been on and off diets and can’t seem to find the right one for yourself, it’s high time you think of getting on a clean eating diet.

Your clean eating diet will help you lose the pounds and get muscle tone so you can flaunt your body like you’ve never been able to before. All you need to do is

1. Fill your food shelves with primal (natural) foods, most of which are found in your local grocery store or supermarket. Most supermarkets today offer an entire selection of clean eating ingredients and foods. Also, clean eating recipes are found in abundance on the internet.

2. Throw out those pastas, chocolates, cereals, candies, sugar, wines and all else that doesn’t fit into the clean eating regime, and replace them with better, greater quality, organic foods that fall into the primal food groups as used by cavemen.

3. Cook with oils that are not hydrogenated, such as olive oil.

4. Don’t cut down on your usual exercise. If you go for a run every day, don’t stop! A bit of exercise, especially on the clean eating path, goes a long way.

5. Live life! People who go for clean eating diets find themselves having more energy to enjoy themselves. Not for them the couch potato routine! Why not head out and take a brisk walk and build up your appetite for that wonderful clean eating meal you have waiting for you?

Using Clean Eating, Paleo-Style Diets to Lose Weight Faster, Easier and Safer than Any Fad

When you opt to go on a diet, it’s integral that you understand the working of that diet. This not only helps you visualize your goal but also psychs you up into believing that your dream weight is actually closer than you think. You know what they say about diets: If you believe it’ll happen, it’ll happen! Well, with clean eating Paleo-style diets, there’re just no way it’s not going to happen: IF you stick to the plan. No sneaking in carb-loaded foods like bread or pasta.

We’ve already seen why clean eating leads to losing weight faster and easier than other diets, but safer? In what way? Let’s take a look.

It’s simple: Now that you’re eating clean foods, you’re dropping everything that could potentially cause you diet-related diseases. With organic foods, the threat of ingesting traces of pesticides is gone, as is artificial hormone-producing food enzymes present in processed foods. Levels of carbs are also very low, which helps boost your immune system. All of these combine to ensure your weight loss is quick, easy AND safe.

What You Need To Eat On a Clean Eating Diet

Everything that’s safe and healthy, and nothing that isn’t! Here are a few groups of food that you’ll need to stock up on!

1. Meat – On the clean eating diet, you can opt to eat all the meat you want! This includes beef, poultry, lamb, fish, seafood and so on. There’s no limit: rare or well-done! Meat is ideal for weight loss since it’s loaded with carnitine which causes fat to be used up as energy. Meat also works by raising the metabolism thus burning more calories and improving insulin sensitivity.

2. Vegetables – Most vegetables, with the exception of those very high in carbs, such as potatoes, corn and beans. Vegetables are really amazing for a clean eating diet, which is why you should have your fill of them. Not only do they fill one up, they are a goldmine in terms of vitamins, minerals and fibre, AND they keep your insulin levels constant.

3. Natural Fats – Olive oil, almond oil or coconut oil are ideal for cooking, as are flaxseed and grape seed oil. Avocados are also a healthy source of natural fat! Also, fish oil is a rich source of Omega 3, which is essential to good health since it promotes a healthy blood flow in humans.

4. Seeds and Nuts – You can have them all, except for peanuts, which contain high levels of carbs! Nuts are a rich source of Omega 9, which is an anti-inflammatory, thus reducing your chances of heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s.

5. Fruits – In moderation. Some clean eating diets such as Atkins advice keeping away from fruits completely until after the first phase when the body shifts from digesting carbs to ketosis (breakdown of proteins and natural fats). Others, like Paleo, advice eating some whole fresh fruits but only in moderation, since they can cause quick spikes of glucose in the bloodstream.

What to Expect While on the Diet

The first few days of a clean eating diet are going to be difficult, with withdrawal-like symptoms, especially for people who avoid vegetables and love eating pasta, burgers, hot dogs, sausages, French fries and other junk food. Also, as the body converts to ketosis, one might find their energy levels dipping slightly. This is to be expected, so don’t give up right at the beginning!

After the first few days, you’ll wonder how you never started this before! Sustained weight loss of over three pounds a week, more energy, less lethargy, tasty food choices, healthy feeling and happiness: This is what one gets from a clean eating diet.


Pick your diet wisely, depending on how much you need to lose, and how fast you need to lose it. Clean eating diets are a lifestyle choice: they not only enable you to lose weight quickly, they also help you feel better about yourself and boost your confidence in yourself. Now you can not only eat more and weigh less, you can also feel so much better about yourself and who you are!

All clean eating diets such as Paleo, Ketogenic, Atkins and Protein Power have key similarities in concept and differences based on how much of what to eat. One much pick the one that suits their needs and their budget the best, so they can find themselves losing weight in no time!

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